The Thin Perfect

They raffle off their food

to the girls at our table

And nothing will sway them

being hungry is a small price to pay

for beauty

the picture has been

planted in their head

the media’s image of perfect

Now to them

a better life comes with perfect

when they are skinny

they will be smarter

when they are skinny

they will be popular

when they are skinny

they will be perfect

but the rest of us see

through this perfect facáde

we know what will actually happen

when they are  skinny


Italian Bricks

Here are the bricks of Italy

curving, red bricks

Sun on their backs

rain on their shoulders

As they watch the years unfold

worn by time

smoothed by age

The bricks could stay forever

magical bricks

enchanting bricks

On the rooves of Italy

The Nameless One

She walks alone

She always has

that is something that they said

something that they said a lot

when she came walking through

A brave face might be seen to ask

“But aren’t you lonely walking?”

“No,” she would answer with a smile

And that would be that

Questions still unanswered

They never ever knew her name

or anything about her

And though she came

she always went 

Walking as the sun rose

Some would come to see her go

Wondering where she was off to

Years later she came again

Still as demure as demure as ever 

Time had crossed her face with wrinkles

Age’s withered hand had touched her face

Who is she?

the young ones asked

as she passed through the town

“A mysterious woman” they would answer

“She always comes she always goes.”

They would wonder

they would thing

How did she come to be walking

Why did she visit this small town

Why was she always alone?

Once again they saw her go

walking toward the sun

Shoulders back

confident as ever

Eyes ahead

walking steadily

always alone

The Race For Perfect

Everyone wants

to be perfect

in every way and form

Everyone wants to

be unblemished by mistakes

Everyone wants to

win the race for perfect

Everyone hates the saying

nobody’s perfect

They hate it because

they know it’s true


When Change Comes

If change comes

what should I do

should I hide

when he knocks on the door

or meet him

straight on?

If change comes

will I be afraid?

Yes I will

How can I be brave,

when everything will be different

Everything will be different

when change comes

The World Needs More Love Letters

When I saw this video I had no idea what hit me, all I knew was that the video was beautiful. Just beauty in it’s true form, with love, kindness and sympathy which should be everywhere. Unfortunately it’s not, the world is still full of many things that it shouldn’t be. Though there is beauty like the random acts of kindness that are acknowledged, there is also hate, treachery, crime. But knowing that you have made the smallest dent in that awfulness is good and it may one day lead to beauty everywhere.
I, in fact, have written some love letters already and put them in random mailboxes around my neighborhood. These letters aren’t much, just notes of encouragement that can really help. Though I don’t know what the reactions of the people were, I do know that they will remember that note I gave them. Perhaps they will start writing love letters too? Whatever they will do, I hope the beauty will spread.