The World Needs More Love Letters

When I saw this video I had no idea what hit me, all I knew was that the video was beautiful. Just beauty in it’s true form, with love, kindness and sympathy which should be everywhere. Unfortunately it’s not, the world is still full of many things that it shouldn’t be. Though there is beauty like the random acts of kindness that are acknowledged, there is also hate, treachery, crime. But knowing that you have made the smallest dent in that awfulness is good and it may one day lead to beauty everywhere.
I, in fact, have written some love letters already and put them in random mailboxes around my neighborhood. These letters aren’t much, just notes of encouragement that can really help. Though I don’t know what the reactions of the people were, I do know that they will remember that note I gave them. Perhaps they will start writing love letters too? Whatever they will do, I hope the beauty will spread.