Words, how litt…

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English: Taylor Swift at the premiere for Hannah Montana: The Movie. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Words, how little they mean when they’re a little too late.-Taylor Swift


The Thin Perfect

They raffle off their food

to the girls at our table

And nothing will sway them

being hungry is a small price to pay

for beauty

the picture has been

planted in their head

the media’s image of perfect

Now to them

a better life comes with perfect

when they are skinny

they will be smarter

when they are skinny

they will be popular

when they are skinny

they will be perfect

but the rest of us see

through this perfect facáde

we know what will actually happen

when they are  skinny

Italian Bricks

Here are the bricks of Italy

curving, red bricks

Sun on their backs

rain on their shoulders

As they watch the years unfold

worn by time

smoothed by age

The bricks could stay forever

magical bricks

enchanting bricks

On the rooves of Italy

The Race For Perfect

Everyone wants

to be perfect

in every way and form

Everyone wants to

be unblemished by mistakes

Everyone wants to

win the race for perfect

Everyone hates the saying

nobody’s perfect

They hate it because

they know it’s true


When Change Comes

If change comes

what should I do

should I hide

when he knocks on the door

or meet him

straight on?

If change comes

will I be afraid?

Yes I will

How can I be brave,

when everything will be different

Everything will be different

when change comes