The Nameless One

She walks alone

She always has

that is something that they said

something that they said a lot

when she came walking through

A brave face might be seen to ask

“But aren’t you lonely walking?”

“No,” she would answer with a smile

And that would be that

Questions still unanswered

They never ever knew her name

or anything about her

And though she came

she always went 

Walking as the sun rose

Some would come to see her go

Wondering where she was off to

Years later she came again

Still as demure as demure as ever 

Time had crossed her face with wrinkles

Age’s withered hand had touched her face

Who is she?

the young ones asked

as she passed through the town

“A mysterious woman” they would answer

“She always comes she always goes.”

They would wonder

they would thing

How did she come to be walking

Why did she visit this small town

Why was she always alone?

Once again they saw her go

walking toward the sun

Shoulders back

confident as ever

Eyes ahead

walking steadily

always alone